College Records of Dick Cheney Show He Failed out of Yale

President George W. Bush’s college records have often been mocked, as Bush was a solid C student at Yale University. However, Bush’s Yale experience went significantly better than Vice President Dick Cheney’s. Cheney actually flunked out of Yale.
In fact, young Dick Cheney had a bit of wild youth. He was arrested twice for drunk driving charges in the early 1960s in Wyoming, where he worked as a lineman for a power company. He did finally go back to school, although, as the New York Times has suggested, this may have had more to do with wanting to avoid getting drafted into Vietnam than it did with wanting to get an education.
In 1963, Cheney enrolled at Casper Community College in Casper, Wyoming. Later that year, he transferred to the University of Wyoming at Laramie, where he earned a BA and an MA in political science. He also began doctoral work in political science at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, but he did not finish.
Cheney’s grades for his undergraduate and graduate work are not available, and apparently are in an undisclosed location.