College Student Stabbed to Death by Roommate

One escalated argument led to a fatal stabbing on Thursday night. Police reported that Alexis D. Simpson, 19, got into a verbal altercation with her roommate Dominique T. Frazier, 18, which turned into physical fight. Both attended Bowie State University in Maryland.
A witness claims the two were fighting about music being played on an iPod. Reports say that the fight ended when Fraizer was stabbed in the throat by Simpson.
“This kind of senseless violence is difficult to understand,” said a statement from university officials. “We understand from police that there is no apparent ongoing threat to the campus community and it is safe for students and employees.”
On Friday, Simpson was charged with with first-degree murder, second-degree murder and first-degree assault after she turned herself in to the authorities.
The on-campus murder has students feeling uneasy and unsafe. Jasmine Harvey, a 19-year-old sophomore, said that before the murder, the university felt safe, despite the violence in surrounding towns. She said now everyone’s sense of security has been lost after the incident.
“It was really scary, and everyone was locking their doors and asking, ‘Will you walk with me to the bathroom?’,” she said.
Classes were canceled on Friday and students were encouraged to attend a “community gathering for consolation.” Though it was supposed to be a time of celebration for Homecoming, an on-campus fashion show was canceled in memory and out of respect of Fraizer’s recent death.
“Dominique Frazier, a precious life, a valued member of our university community, has been taken from us,” Mickey L. Burnim said, university president. “Our community and our family has permanently changed.”
Story via The Huffington Post. Image via Wikimedia Commons.
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