College Students Evacuated Before Hurricane Irene Hits

It’s been called the storm of the century, and last Thursday, Hurricane Irene forced thousands of students along the East Coast to evacuate their college campuses and head home to find a secure place to wait out the storm.
One school that was forced to evacuate was the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. Classes had only started two days before the evacuation was implemented, but the main issue was keeping the students safe, so on Thursday, the school sent out texts, emails, and phone calls to students to tell them that they must be off campus by noon the next day.
Obviously, this caused problems for some students who couldn’t find a way to get home and it also caused some anxious feelings for most of the students.

“I was supposed to catch a Greyhound bus back home to Springfield, but the buses were delayed and going to take hours to get to Williamsburg,” said Francine Clike, a student at William and Mary. “My dad had to come from Springfield to pick me up.”
“I don’t completely agree with the college’s decision to close,” said Julie Thatcher, another student. “I wish they had given us a little more time to get out.”
William and Mary wasn’t the only school in Virginia to alter their fall semester schedule due to the storm. Christopher Newport University also decided to shut down their campus due to possible flooding and Old Dominion University cancelled their upcoming classes and postponed their move-in date for residents who should have moved into the dorms over the weekend.
All three schools hope to reopen early this week, but there have not been any official announcements yet.