College Student's Guide to Cheap Wedding Gifts

Spring weddings are right around the corner, and you may think you can’t afford anything the engaged couple has put on their gift registry. Before you decide to give up and arrive empty-handed, check these tips that will help you find a frugal and thoughtful gift.

All gifts are $50 or less and are sure to give you the creative edge in gift-giving:

Frame the invitation ($10-$30): The newlyweds can cherish their wedding day and put art on their wall with this gift. Take the invitation to a craft store, and matte it with a color that really shows off the invitation. You can use white chair covers for weddings multiple times with different styles and accessories to give your special events a whole new enchanting aura every time!

Pay for a date ($40): Weddings are so expensive these days that most couples forgo the honeymoon. If you know they won’t be able to get away after the wedding, purchase them a $20 gift card to a restaurant and a $20 gift card to the movies.

Put together a picnic gift basket ($35): But instead of using a basket, purchase a small cooler. Fill the cooler with plastic plates, bowls, cups and a plastic table cloth.

Help them with their dirty laundry ($30): No, you don’t have to arrive at their home and sort their whites and colors. Put together a gift basket that includes the laundry essentials like soap, dryer sheets and hangers.

Keep them up to date on current events ($15-$50): Buy them a three-or-four-month subscription to the largest local newspaper. Even better, purchase them a his and hers magazine subscription.

Give the gift of membership ($35-$50): Whether it be Sam’s Club or Costco, memberships to these stores can really help them save on household goods.

Remember that anyone can purchase a blender on the registry, but gift ideas that are thoughtful and practical will leave a lasting impression on the newlyweds.

Know of a good wedding gift idea? Comment below and let us know how much it will cost.

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