College Students Have a lot to Gain by Working Summer Internships

With the next couple weeks comes a major change in the scholastic ideals of college students across the world. I am not speaking of declared majors or classes to be taken. I am, however, referring to the summer break. For a vast majority of college students, the next three months will be lived to its fullest, enjoying all this time of year has to offer. This may seem like a great idea at the time, but I promise you, you will pay for it later.

The ideal situation for a college student is this. After graduating with their Bachelor’s degree, the student will receive several job offers, allowing them to decide where they will be working. This situation, as wonderful as it may be, only comes to those who work for it. A few major factors companies take into consideration when hiring a recent college graduate are experience, work ethic, and passion.

Now for the bad news. The only real way to express these qualities to potential employers is by doing something over your summer break. Internships and jobs in your field are the only real way to express these qualities to employers. It is true; a select few do in fact gain experience through internships during the school year, making them the exception to the rule. However, for those students unable to make such a strong commitment during the school year, the summer internship is the only viable option.

I know it might seem like you are missing out on your vacation, but believe me, you aren’t. Even though you will be working for a company over the summer, you will still have evenings and weekends to enjoy your summer. When it comes down to it, college is meant to prepare you for your professional life. Yes, you might have to give up your summer, but what really means more to you, a good tan, or a job you enjoy?