College Students Hold First Midwest Quidditch Cup

Who says you have to be a British teenage wizard to enjoy a good Quidditch game? Last weekend, 300 college students from the Midwest USA proved that these traits are not at all a requirement to participate in a Quidditch cup. The students were from various universities, including Purdue, Ball State, University of Michigan, and Ohio State University.
“I was going to be in club soccer, but when I heard about Quidditch, I wanted to try it,” said Michael Koester, a freshman at Ball State University. “The great thing about this you don’t have to be a great athlete. I’ve made so many friends, and we have lots of fun together.”
It seems that Koester isn’t the only one who now prefers Quidditch, a fantasy game with players who ride on broomsticks, to other sports.
“I was a three-sport athlete in high school,” said Justin Lusch, a sophomore at Ball State who also plays Quidditch. “But I can’t tell you how much I look forward to our practices and tournaments.”
Just in case you have been living under a rock for the past decade and haven’t read any of the Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling or seen any of the movies, I will explain the sport for you. Quidditch teams consists of seven-members who use four balls and ring-shaped goals to score points. In the Harry Potter version of the game, the fourth ball is the Golden Snitch, which flies through the air until it is caught by the Seeker. However, in the real-life version, the Snitch is attached to a player who runs around the field. The real-life Snitch does make it hard on the Seeker though, by spraying the Seeker with Silly String, chasing him/her into ponds, and stealing his/her broom. Players must have a broom between their legs in order to stay in play during the game.
“I’d seen a video, but I’d never seen the sport live,” said William Knox, director of the Hamilton County Sports Authority. “I didn’t know it’d be so physical. However, [the Midwest Quidditch Cup] is the start of some growth for this sport.”
So who won the tournament? In the end, it was a team from Kansas University that snagged the Snitch and won the championship game, 70-50.
Via The Indy Star