College Students Not Getting Enough Fruits and Veggies

It comes with no surprise that college life doesn’t encourage healthy eating habits. Dining halls allow easy access to pizza and burgers, while late-night cram session call for second or third dinners. However, one study’s findings, by Oregon State University, may cause further alarm.
Most college students aren’t eating enough fruits and vegetables. The recommended amount is five servings; most go days without eating one. The university surveyed 582 college students and found that, on average, men ate five servings a week, and women ate four.
“We found that students skipped meals fairly frequently, which could account for some of the lack of fruits and veggies,” said Brad Cardinal in a news release. “Still, even accounting for fewer meals consumed, the students were on average not always eating even one serving of fruits or vegetables per day, far below USDA guidelines.”

Cardinal, who is a professor of exercise and sport science at Oregon State, said that children are missing out on knowledge of proper nutrition.
“We are not teaching youth how to be self-sustaining,” he said. “Home economics and nutrition classes have all but disappeared from our schools in the K-12 system. There is a fundamental lack of understanding on how to eat well in a very broad sense.”
If you struggle with getting the recommended five servings, read these tips to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet.
For breakfast:
-Put a half-cup of blueberries in your cereal.
-Eat a fruit smoothie
-Make veggie omelet with lots of onions, bell peppers and tomatoes.
For lunch:
-Add more lettuce and tomatoes to your sandwich.
-When going to a restaurant, order a side of fruit or a salad instead of French fries.
For snacks:
-Make a big bowl of fruit salad on the weekend to savor every day during the week.
-Fix a bag of carrots and celery sticks and use hummus as your dip.
-Freeze real fruit juice, and make you own home-made popsicle sticks.
For dinner:
-Drink a glass of V8 with your evening meal.
-Order pizza with extra mushrooms, onions and tomatoes.
-Opt for a garden salad with light dressing over soup when you go out for dinner.
Via Nutrition News
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