College Students Volunteer in Service Saturdays

Helping out in their community is a great way for college students to pass some time. At my school, we have one day each year that is dedicated solely to community service and students do various tasks, such as clean up parks and help the elderly. However, I am not so sure if I would be willing to give up a Saturday morning in order to do this. Luckily, there were almost 100 students from Milligan College who took on the challenge during the school’s first Service Saturday in Johnson City, Tennessee.
Nikki Plaza is one of the students who helped out during the first Service Saturday. Plaza’s job was to repaint a building that needed a new coat of paint. While she was painting, Plaza received some encouragement from a member of the community.
“We hear a high pitched little ‘Thank you!’ And we look around, and there’s a little girl in the window over there smiling and waving,” she said. However, this was not the only encouragement that Plaza received: “It’s fun. We get to be creative and help the people around us and everyone is so grateful. Everyone that walks by says ‘Thank you for doing this!'”
Students did various volunteer projects, such as repainting buildings that needed a little makeover. Other students scrubbed away old graffiti and cleaned a 4-block area of downtown. The students have plans to continue with their community service after they finish their current projects.
“We talked about doing other projects,” said James Terry, another student who volunteered. “Maybe have the kids [who live in Johnson City] put their artistic abilities into some more constructive things [that painting graffiti on the buildings].”
Let’s hope that this fantastic group continues to improve their community for years to come!
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