College Students Volunteer to Help Autistic Children

What do most college kids do on the weekend? At my school, a typical Friday night is composed of dinner out with your friends, a few drinks at a local bar, or maybe a trip to the movie theater to see what your favorite actors have been working on. It certainly doesn’t involve volunteering to help autistic children learn social skills and have fun.
However, that is exactly what the Friday Knights do. The Friday Knights are a group of 140 students from the College of St. Rose in Albany, New York, who volunteer their Friday evenings to play with autistic children, helping them with crafts projects, and giving the children’s parents a little time to themselves.
“I think it’s a natural passion that I have,” said Rachel, a graduate student who volunteers at Friday Knights. “I love children and children with special needs, like they’re just the kids that I’m drawn to.”

Watch this video, courtesy of the Today Show, to see the Friday Nights in action and learn more about this awesome volunteer program.

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