College Tuition on the Rise

If you have been in college for a few years, I’m sure you have noticed that tuition keeps getting just a little bit more expensive every year. I know I sure have noticed it. It seems like colleges keep finding some reason to increase tuition and fees every year. I thought maybe I was just being unrealistic, but unfortunately, I wasn’t.
A report released by College Board on October 20, 2009 showed that college tuition and fees have indeed been increasing. This year, public universities have raised annual tuition and fees by 6.5 percent. That means that the average student is paying $7,020 per school year! That’s quite a hefty price, but not nearly as bad as what private school students are paying. Although the average annual tuition for private universities only increased by 4.4 percent since last year, these students are still paying $36,273 per year.
Why are college tuition and fees skyrocketing when we are in the middle of a national, economic recession?

Patrick Callan, president of the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education, said that colleges and universities are showing “an inability or unwillingness to deal with becoming more cost-effective and increasing productivity.”
So, now that students are faced with an even bigger financial burden for furthering their educations, what can they do?
“There is a lot of student aid that can help make this expense more manageable,” said Sandy Baum, a College Board senior policy analyst.
Hopefully the new FAFSA Form will make it easier for students to receive federal aid. Also, check out our scholarship page to see where you can pick up some extra cash to pay for your education!
Via United Press International.