The Benefits of College Campus Tours

One of the essentials when deciding on a college is visiting the campus. Visiting a campus can ultimately help you make the decision on whether or not you want to go to a particular college.
One factor that can really be decided upon when visiting a campus is whether or not you want a small, medium, or large school. Try to plan your visit during the school year when there are students on campus, so you can get a true feel for what life is like on a typical day. You can get a feel for the layout of the campus, how far classes are from dorms, and just how crazy the campus can be! A great option for when you narrow your schools down is to do an overnight visit where you can stay with a student and get a feel for the other activities on campus besides just the classes!
I just recently went on a family vacation and visited Trinity down in San Antonio, Texas, one of the colleges to which I plan on applying. The visit consisted of a campus tour that lasted approximately an hour with a student who stayed for part of the summer to give tours; and then we got to meet with an admissions counselor.
With the counselor, me and another girl on the tour sat down and got to have a very relaxed question and answer session that helped us understand more about Trinity, their application process, and how exactly our school year (particularly focusing on the freshman year) would look. This visit not only sold me on Trinity, but also the fact that I wanted to attend a smaller school because of their personal attention it appeared I would receive.
So if you are having a hard decision deciding on particular colleges, or better yet the size of the college you wish to attend, then pay some campuses a visit! By visiting, can you really begin to decide which schools are right for you!