Colleges Providing Treatment for Alcoholism

As time goes on, more students are seeking help for alcoholism and drug addiction. Colleges across the nation are attempting to provide these students with recovery programs on campus.
Southern Methodist University and St. Cloud University are among the colleges with plans to establish some form of recovery program for students in the near future. Hazelden, an addiction treatment center, plans to provide students in the New York City area with a “collegiate, sober housing facility.”
At least 20 colleges have already established substance abuse programs, including:
Texas Tech has housed a recovery program for roughly 20 years and recently published the book Substance Abuse Recovery in College.
The University of Vermont began a residential program last year and has plans for expansion.

Augsburg College in Minneapolis has designated residences for students who are successfully going through substance abuse treatment.
Rutgers University has had a recovery program in place for 27 years. Housing is available at both the Newark and New Brunswick campuses.
Philip Hernandez is the leader of residential life conduct at St. Cloud State and spoke about the importance of these programs. He says, “The space is important, to be able to work on your work and study the things you need to study without worrying about the triggers, the loud people.”
College life can be such a struggle for those who wish to stay away from drugs and alcohol. Although not everyone drinks while in college, the party scene is prevalent. As St. Cloud student Jason Lindbergh says, “I need an area on campus, or near it, that’s a legitimately enforceable zone. An area that is reliable to be free from substance use and abuse.” While he doesn’t condemn others who party and drink, he wants to stress the importance of a safe place for those who cannot be around it.