Committee Investigates Gender Bias in Maryland Schools

Several colleges and universities in Maryland are facing allegations that they are discriminating college applicants based on gender.
The Commission on Civil Rights required six colleges in Maryland to show their admission records to the committee. This is part of an investigation of more than 20 schools across the nation to determine if these schools are admitting more men than women and giving men more generous aid packages.
Some say that this practice is a reaction to the fact that nationally, women outnumber men on college campuses. Women compose 60 percent of the student population on average. If these schools are admitting more men than women, it is probably in an effort to balance the gender inequality that currently favors women.
Sheldon Steinbach, a former member of the American Council of Education, said most school admission offices consider high school GPA and test scores first. However, he also conceded that gender can be an influencing factor.
“Do schools wish to maintain some semblance of gender balance?” Steinbach asked. “I think many of them do, not for any sinister reason.”
So why is the commission investigating this since they do not have the power to enforce change?
“This is purely an investigative body that can make recommendations that might lead to some legislation down the road,” Steinbach said.
What do you think? Should schools try to maintain a gender balance on college campuses? Or should the only influencing factors for admission be based off academics?
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Via The Baltimore Sun