Computer-Based G.E.D. Tests in the Works

Those taking the G.E.D test may soon have another option for completing the exam. Major education testing company Pearson has teamed up with the American Council on Education to create a computer based G.E.D test. This test will be aligned with the Common Core State Standards. This new business will keep using the G.E.D testing service name and the new computer based G.E.D test will not be available until 2014.
Fortunately for those in Florida, California, Georgia and Texas, they will have an opportunity to start using the computer based test as early as this spring. Official testing centers in these states will offer the new test. Each year approximately 800,000 people complete their G.E.D. and over 470,000 people earn their high school equivalency.

Whether you are planning to take the online test when it becomes available in your state or take the traditional G.E.D. test, there are several simple ways to get ready. You can use online study guides, practice tests and online classes to prepare. The five main topic areas you will be tested over include math, language arts-reading, language arts-writing, social studies and science. Several of the online test preparation methods offered are free. There are some study guide books available for purchase, but the cost is not usually more than $20.
To maximize your success in studying, give yourself plenty of time to study prior to your test date. When you take your practice tests, be sure to time yourself according to the same guidelines you will have when taking the actual test. As with any test, get plenty of rest the night before and have a good breakfast the morning of the test so that you’re not distracted by hunger or lack of sleep. Following these few quick tips and practicing the exam are great ways to ensure that you are ready for your G.E.D. exam.
Via New York Times
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