Cramster is an Online Study Community for College Students

Sometimes it is just impossible to learn a concept from a textbook. When this happens to me, I jump on my computer and try Googling the problem. Sometimes I find what I am looking for and the problem is solved. Other times though, I cannot find what I need to save my life, and then I am no better off than when I started.
Is there any way to guarantee online homework help?
Yes, and it is called Cramster.
Cramster is “the largest online study community today” and features free online service for high school and college students. Cramster offers academic assistance in subjects such as math, science, engineering, humanities, business, and writing. The main goal at Cramster is to allow community members to “[share] information and [help] students excel in their classes.”
How does it work?
Cramster enables students to collaborate when learning by allowing students to ask and answer questions that are posted on the website. In addition to the Q&A board, Cramster also offers lecture notes, video lectures, study groups, and practice exams to help students prepare for exams or just learn more about the material.
Or, if you prefer to learn from your textbook but just are not understanding what the author is trying to say, Cramster offers interactive, step-by-step solutions and hints for 300 of today’s most popular books.
Another awesome Cramster feature is that the service can be entirely free. Students do not have to pay to ask experts one question each day and receive 300 words of writing help. The Gold Package is a step up, allowing access to all solutions, two questions each day, 650 words of writing assistance, and printable solution pages. The highest package is the Platinum Package, which has the highest quality responses and fastest response time, in addition to allowing students to ask three questions each day and submit 1,000 words for writing help.
Cramster is a wonderful social media site for students who need academic assistance, in addition to what they are already learning from their textbooks or lectures. The free version of Cramster allows students to take the service for a test drive before deciding if they need a more in-depth version of the program.

  • Can be 100% free
  • Online academic help from experts and other students
  • Many resources, including study groups, Q&A boards, and textbook reference guides


  • To access the entire site, students must pay a monthly fee of at least $4.17