Dakota Fanning Crowned High School Homecoming Queen

Dakota Fanning, who’s real name is actually Hannah Dakota Fanning, is no stranger to winning awards and being crowned a starlet, in fact she’s been a Hollywood household name since she was seven years old.
This past weekend however, the young actress known most recently for her work in the Twilight Saga mega hit movies added another notable American girl’s dream to her list of accomplishments.
Recently a Marie Claire cover model, 16 year-old high schooler Fanning was announced as the Campbell Hall Episcopal High School’s 2010 Homecoming Queen in North Hollywood, California. Home of the Vikings, the private school’s football quarterback, Henry Aleck, was also crowned as the Homecoming King.
Boasting a bouquet of roses, a blue sash, and a tiara in a white dress covered in gold studded hardware with tights, Fanning looked to be beaming with pride as she walked alongside her king at the announcement ceremony.
Fanning is also currently on the school’s varsity cheerleading squad.
Homecoming has long been a tradition of American high schools in which alumni and students gather for a week of festivities celebrating their school spirit and usually their school’s football team.
Normally, the title of Homecoming King and Queen are popularity contests for students in their senior year of classes, and winners are selected by a ballot-counted vote from student nominations. There are also similar contests for underclassmen with titles of Homecoming Princess and Prince, Duchess and Duke, Lord and Lady, etc.
According to reports, Fanning and Aleck both were crowned Homecoming Prince and Princess last year at the school, as well.
Having starred in television shows and films alongside the likes of Tom Cruise, Glenn Close and Robert De Niro, while also having been directed and praised by the notable Steven Spielberg, her tiaras will probably sit beautifully in her room next to her numerous ‘Best Young Actress’ awards.
Via Style List