Dan Brown's Education Background

Dan Brown was born June 22, 1964 in Exeter, New Hampshire. Brown grew up on the campus of Phillips Exeter Academy. There his father, Richard G. Brown, was a teacher of mathematics, and wrote textbooks.
Brown graduated from Phillips Exeter and then attended Amherst College. At Amherst Brown was a member of Psi Upsilon fraternity. Brown spent the 1985 school year abroad in Seville, Spain. He enrolled in an art history course at the University of Seville during that semester. Brown graduated from Amherst in 1986. After graduation Brown dabbled with a musical career.
He formed his own record company called Dalliance. In 1990 Brown released a CD entitled Perspective. In 1991 Brown moved to Hollywood to pursue his music career. To support himself, he taught classes at Beverly Hills Preparatory School.
Brown released two albums in the early 1990’s. The albums did not accumulate much success.
Brown moved back to his hometown in 1993. There he returned to his alma mater to teach. Brown became an English teacher at Phillips Exeter. He also taught Spanish classes to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders at Lincoln Akerman School.
In 1993, Brown read Sidney Sheldon’s novel The Doomsday Conspiracy, and was inspired to begin writing. By 1996 Brown had quit teaching to become a full-time writer. His first novel, Digital Fortress, was published in 1998. Brown followed up with a few more published works.
Brown’s first three novels had little success, with fewer than 10,000 copies sold.
Brown’s success as a writer hit with his fourth novel. In 2003, The Da Vinci Code was released. The book became a bestseller, going to the top of the New York Times Best Seller list during its first week. The Da Vinci Code is now credited with being one of the most popular books of all time, with 81 million copies sold as of 2009.
The success of The Da Vinci Code helped drive the sales of Brown’s earlier books. In 2004, all four of his novels were on the New York Times list in the same week.
Since the release of The Da Vinci Code, Brown has published another work titled The Lost Symbol, which was released in 2009. Three of Brown’s novels include the the character Robert Langdon, who first appears in the 2000 novel Angels & Demons. Langdon returns in The Da Vinci Code and The Symbol. Brown’s books have also been adapted for film; the movie The Da Vinci Code was released in 2006 and Angels & Demons was released in 2009.
In 2005 Brown’s income was estimated to be $76.5 million. Brown’s income from The Da Vinci Code sales has been estimated at $250 million.
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