David Shulkin's Educational Background

Why He’s Earned Our Notice:
The current US Secretary of Veterans Affairs, the senate unanimously confirmed Shulkin on February 14th of 2017. Before becoming a member of the cabinet, this former CEO worked as the Under Secretary for the Department of Veterans Affairs for Health. He’s also a fellow with the American College of Physicians and the Leonard Davis Institute in Health Economics. While practicing medicine, Shulkin received numerous awards from both Modern Healthcare and the Healthcare Forum.
In his new position, Shulkin retains sole responsibility for ensuring veterans get the services they need. This includes access to health care services, benefits programs, job postings, and national cemeteries.
Personal Life and Education:
David Jonathon Shulkin was born at Fort Sheridan on June 22nd of 1959. Considering his current position, a childhood spent on a US Army base will likely prove invaluable. His father, an Army Psychiatrist, continued to work at Sheridan throughout his son’s childhood. Perhaps inspired by the older man’s work, David Shulkin set his sights on medical school.
After graduating from high school, Shulkin enrolled at the Massachusetts-based Hampshire College to complete his Bachelors of Arts degree. In 1982, he graduated from his original alma mater. Without so much as a gap year, Shulkin immediately enrolled at Drexel University to complete his MD. In 1986, David completed his degree and began his internship at Yale University. His residency followed.
Currently, Shulkin’s married to dermatologist, Merle Ban.
School Profiles:

  • Hampshire College: A private liberal arts college located in Massachusetts, Hampshire originally opened as part of an experiment in higher education. Even now, this school is best known for its highly liberal beliefs and out-of-the-box curriculum. They put little stock in grades and prefer portfolios to essays. Out of all the colleges in the USA, it’s 30th in the percentage of its graduates who go on to obtain doctorate degrees.
  • Drexel University: Drexel University is a well-known research university based in Philadelphia. Founded in 1891 by Anthony Drexel, the school’s undergone a variety of name changes. This institution offers 170 different majors stretched across its graduate, doctoral, and undergraduate programs. This school’s intensive co-op program has earned it plenty of accolades.
  • Yale University: Part of the American Ivy League, Yale is a school known for its high-quality academics and long history. Started all the way back in 1716, it’s the third oldest university in the US. Currently, this institution is split into 14 separate schools of thought; twelve out of these fourteen programs are devoted to professions. As of 2015, the school boasted a student population of roughly 12,000.