Deer Crashes into Classroom, Injures Student

A sophomore at DeSales University in Upper Saucon Township, PA was injured when a deer crashed through a classroom window. The student, Harry Getty, was cut by the breaking glass flung by the frightened animal. He was briefly hospitalized yesterday, but now has returned to campus.
“The deer went through the window, basically went over me, cleared my desk,” Getty told WFMZ. “It was on the left side of me, which is the door side of the room and there’s no way I was going to go through a six-point buck, so I went out the window.”
University police say they had to put down the deer because it broke its leg in the accident. They speculate that the buck was chasing a doe and got confused by its own reflection. “We’ve never had a deer jump through a window in the history of DeSales University, which is 40-some years now,” said Chief Karen Tempinski. “Now, we’re in a cornfield, but it’s not something we normally expect.”
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