Degrees for Dummies

We have all seen the “for Dummies” series of books. They cover everything from technology to languages and relationships. These how-to books tend to give good, solid information supported by researched facts. They are a great resource when you need to learn about something and you need to learn it fast.
One of the latest additions to the “for Dummies” family is the Degrees for Dummies website. This website was created to help each student find the degree program that would be best for him or her.
The site first asks for some personal information, such as name, current residency location, and possible degree programs of interests. After getting this information, Degrees for Dummies compiles a list of degree programs that would be a good fit. Students can then research the degree and learn which schools offer that degree.
If you want to try the completely free Degrees for Dummies program, sign up today!