Delta Sigma Theta Celebrates 98th Anniversary

The world’s largest African-American sorority, Delta Sigma Theta celebrates its 98th anniversary today. Founded in 1913 at Howard University, the organization now has over 200,000 members and more than 900 chapters around the world.
Delta Sigma Theta is founded on the principles of promoting education and performing community service. The first Delta Sigma Theta sisters participated in the Women’s Suffrage March in Washington D.C. that year.
“Rendering service to others is what called our founders from where they were to where we are today,” says Cynthia M.A. Butler-McIntyre, the National President in a Founders Day Message. “As Delta women, we strive each and every day to carry out our commitment to economic development, educational development, international awareness and involvement, physical and mental health and political awareness and involvement.” She further thanked all Delta Sigma Theta sorority sisters for their efforts to uphold the name of their organization.
Are you a member of Delta Sigma Theta? What is your chapter doing to celebrate?
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