Don't Be Late to Class: Four Tips on a Timely Arrival

The term “fashionably late” may sound chic, but there are few times in life when being on time is anything other than a boon. Being perpetually late not only increases your stress level, it also impacts the way people perceive your character. “People feel they can’t trust or rely on you, so it impacts relationships,” says psychologist Linda Sapadin. So don’t try to battle the clock on the way to that job interview, morning class, or even a lunch date with your best friend. Here are four tips to make an entrance that shows you in your best light, from
1. Be Realistic
Pay attention to how long things really take. The bus ride may only be five minutes, but how long could you be waiting? Try timing how long it takes to get from place to place, and then really budget that amount of time. This applies to other morning-to-do’s, like showering or blow drying your hair.

2. Get Organized
Feeling flustered because you can’t find you keys is the last thing you need on your way out the door. Avoid a frantic morning by packing the night before: homework, books, pens, keys and wallet. Try to be methodical, going through your day step by step to be sure you have everything you need. It seems like a pain at first, but it’s a good habit to cultivate. Consider laying out your clothes, too, to save even more time in the morning. You might even sleep better knowing that everything is ready.

3. Learn to Say “No”
What keeps you from getting out the door? Are you trying to reply to one last e-mail? Is your roommate trying to tell you about his or her latest crush? Is your mom calling incessantly? It’s okay to tell the truth, and don’t feel guilty about it: you need to be somewhere.

4. Face Your Anxiety
If you’re always late to the one class you hate or the job with an obnoxious boss, there may be a unconscious factor determining your lateness. Be honest about these feelings; being aware of the problem is the first step in fixing it. Try to find a strategy to alleviate these feelings. If a class make you anxious, do something relaxing before hand.
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