Dos and Don'ts for Your High School Reunion

I’ve just come back from my ten-year high school reunion. It’s hard to believe that the class of 1999 is already looking back at a decade since graduation, and honestly a little jolting to think the next ten will likely buzz by just as quickly. My reunion went better than I ever expected, and I genuinely enjoyed catching up with everyone who attended. Out of a class of 150 graduates, we had about 30 or so show. A little disappointing in that respect, but it did allow for more time with everyone. Here are my tips for successfully surviving your high school reunion, no matter which decade you’re celebrating.
DO review your yearbook before going. It can’t hurt to familiarize yourself with names and faces.
DO politely ask for an introduction if you’re drawing blank on a name.
DON’T ignore people simply to save face because you can’t remember.
DO talk to the people you may not have been friends with ten years ago. You’ll be surprised at how much everyone has changed.
DO look your best, but DON’T over do it.
DON’T dress like it’s 1999.
DO take plenty of photographs and maybe even bring a few from the old days with you.
DO bring your kids to kid-friendly events.
DO bring your spouse or significant other (you’ll need at least one ally, right?).
DON’T bring someone you’re not comfortable introducing to your classmates.
DO ask the DJ to play songs that take you back to senior year.
DON’T dance along with former flames.
DON’T do anything you’ll regret the next day, even if you don’t have to face everyone again for ten years.
DO share what you’ve been up to all these years.
DON’T make up stories about what you’ve been up to all these years. (Think Romy and Michelle inventing Post-Its!)
DO thank the class officers who organized the reunion events, and had to track down everyone!
At the end of it all, the best piece of advice is to remember this is not high school anymore.