Dos and Don'ts of Senior Photos

Whether you’re excited about getting your senior portraits taken, or you’re doing it because your parents are forcing you to, it could be a fun photo session, or a disastrous experience. Most seniors are unsure what to expect when it comes time for picture day.
To better prepare, read these dos and don’ts, so your friends will be jealous of your picture-perfect photos:
Do find a flexible photographer. Choose one who is willing to shoot anywhere, any time, any place. Think about what kinds of photos you want before you choose your photographer. Do want your shots to be in a forest-type setting, or an industrial-type setting? Do you want your photos taken mid-day, or as the sun is setting? Don’t be shy about telling him or her what you want before you book. Your photographer will work harder for you knowing that you already have high expectations.

Don’t book a photographer that won’t give you a copyright release. Be sure to get the details before you schedule an appointment. Some photographers charge extra, or make you purchase more prints to get this, but it is totally worth it. Photo centers at places like Walgreen’s and Wal-Mart will not let you print professional photos without one.
Do wear something that makes you feel confident and comfortable. If you feel good in your clothes, you’ll look good in your clothes. Spend some time picking out your outfits. When it comes time to shop, bring those friends along who will give you their honest opinion. If you’re still not sure, bring several outfits along and ask your photographer for his or her opinion. They’re professionals so they’ll know instantly what looks good in a photo and what doesn’t.
Don’t come to the photo shoot tired. Sure, photographers can cover up dark circles under your eyes, but they can’t change your expression. If you feel bogged down, your pictures will show it. Great senior photos are the best when they let your personality shine through. However, your photos will lack this if you look crabby and sleepy.
Do make sure you get everything you want out of your senior photos. If you want your friends in your photos, bring them along. If you want your photos to look like a fashion ad, bring a couple of magazines along to give your photographer some ideas. Often, the sky’s the limit with your senior photos, and with photo-editing software, photographers can do much more than just take a good photo. This could be the last time in your life that you get your own photo shoot, so don’t accept anything less.