Dr. Oz's School Challenge Finale Airs Monday

Tune in this Monday, July 19 to the Dr. Oz Show when America’s most beloved doctor hosts the grand finale of his school challenge.
Dr. Oz goes back to school to fight teen obesity – a national problem that has reached epidemic proportions. Along with his Health Corps team, Dr. Oz is committed to getting America’s teens back on the right track.
You can learn what you and your family can do to make better food and lifestyle choices by following Dr. Oz’s four healthy behaviors, specifically created for his school challenge.

  1. Exercise: Be sure to incorporate 30 minutes of physical activity into your day.
  2. Take the Breakfast Oath: You need to feed your brain! Students who don’t eat breakfast suffer from a 20% drop in performance.
  3. Make Better Choices at Lunch and Don’t Skip Meals: Remember to choose wisely. Cut down on fat and pile on quality vegetables.
  4. The Snack Swap: Drop the candy and junk food. Have fruit instead. Plan ahead and pack healthy snacks to eat throughout the day.

Even though it’s summer, it is still a great time to start implementing all of these behaviors into your daily routine. When school starts up in the fall, you will be well-primed to make this year your leanest and smartest one yet!
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