Dr. Phil Launches Anti-Bullying Movement [VIDEO]

Dr. Phil has long been a proponent of taking action against cyber bullies, but now he’s gaining more momentum for his anti-bullying campaign. In June, Dr. Phil went before congress, urging the inclusion of anti-bullying measures in changes being made to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, also known as No Child Left Behind. Dr. Phil is one of many celebrities who have raised an outcry over the recent suicides of gay teens.
Dr. Phil has addressed the issue of bullying on his show, and now he’s launching an “Anti-Bully Movement” with series of pledges. “We’re talking about a call to action for students, parents, teachers, coaches, school administrators, anyone who comes in contact with children that are subject to being bullied,” he says on his website. “We’ve got to keep our children safe at school and that includes keeping them safe from each other. Bullying is more serious than ever. Kids are taking their own lives as a result and even when they don’t, the emotional scars, the damage to their self-esteem can be devastating.”
There are separate pledges for students, parents and school faulty members. You can join Dr. Phil’s battle against bullying by signing the pledge here.

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