Dressing for Success Wins Job Interviews

There is a time in every student’s life when there are judged by his or her appearance. I know this sounds shallow, but what you choose to wear in an interview will affect your chances of getting the job either positively or negatively.

Do you think someone is going to hire a person that shows up to the interview wearing torn-up blue jeans and an Affliction t-shirt? I think not. It is for this reason that you must dress for success when looking for that precious job or internship.

Most of the time, an interview is a first encounter with a businessperson. This is why it is important to reflect the dress code of the office with the attire you choose on your fateful day. If you find yourself in a situation where the dress code is unknown, a simple call to the HR department will fix your woes.

Taking the initiative by dressing for success tells your potential employer about your desire to be hired. Showing potential employers your ability to fit in within the company will take the focus off of external factors and bring it onto your capabilities in the position. After all, you want the focus to be on how deserving you are of the position, right? If you want the position, you are going to need to work at it, and dressing for success is step one in reaching your goal.

Now, the term dress for success might be a little vague for you. All it entails is this… dress to a level that eliminates the variable from the equation. Whether it is a suit or khakis and button down or a pantsuit or nice dress. All that is required is that you look good and feel the same. You are selling yourself in the interview, why not look as good as you can?

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