Dropouts Make it Big in Hollywood

It’s true what your parents say- an education is your assurance of success. Unless you’re amongst these celebs who were caught by the watchful eyes of Hollywood agents. Each of these stars dropped out and now have successful careers in Hollywood. Not a recipe for success for all of us.

These stars are doing OK without their high school diplomas.

Lindsay Lohan– Quit school in 11th grade. Has not attended college. May or may not have a GED.
Paris Hilton– Quit school after 11th grade (Dwight School in NY). Did get a GED.
Jessica Simpson– High school dropout ( JJ Pearce High School). Has her GED.
Avril Lavigne– High school dropout (Napanee District High School) when signed by her record company.
Britney Spears– Dropped out of high school (Kentwood High School) for her career.
Leonardo DiCaprio- Skipped the diploma from John Marshall High School.

These celebs grabbed their high school diploma, then dropped out of college.

Kanye West– Graduated from the American Academy of Art, then dropped out of Columbia College Chicago.
Katharine McPhee– A high school graduate, this American Idol star later dropped out of the Boston Conservatory.
Bill Gates– Took his high school diploma to the hallowed halls of Harvard, but later dropped out. But he did only found Microsoft.
Bruce Springsteen– The Boss graduated high school and persued education at Ocean County Community College, but left for his music career.
Jennifer Lopez– Spent a semester at Baruch College and then went off to be a Fly Girl.