Earn a Master’s of Arts in Teaching Through USC Online

Teaching is by far one of the hardest professions I can think of. No matter what level you teach at, it takes a certain level of patience and a love for learning and students to be an effective teacher. The profession of teaching is highly overlooked and underrated, but teachers are responsible for educating us all at various levels. Even teachers that want to learn have to look to other teachers for their knowledge. For those that are already teachers or want to be teachers, there is an online master’s degree made just for you.
USC has a master of arts in teaching that is available online that has gained a lot of high praise. USC is a world renowned research institution and their Rossier School of Education is top notch. Students that apply to this program can also apply for scholarships and a fellowship at the same time they are applying for admission. Earning a teaching degree from USC typically would not be possible for everyone, but with this degree you don’t have to move to California to attend classes; you can do this online from anywhere in the country.
The curriculum combines your interactive learning with field-based experiences that you complete in your area. The only reason you would have to go to the physical campus is for graduation after you’ve completed your degree. With this online degree you will receive everything you need to become a great teacher including preparation for state teaching credentials in your home state.
Another fantastic benefit of earning a master’s of arts in teaching from USC is that you may be eligible for the Roy Romer Teaching Fellowship. This is a private grant program available for those that finish the program and continue working as professional teachers. There are also federal loan forgiveness programs available for teachers that go to work in schools with special high-need designation. This can all be helpful when trying to figure out how to pay for your degree.
The application process for entering the online master’s of arts in teaching through USC program is very simple. You just have to fill out your application and submit your transcripts, two letters of recommendation and a personal essay. Students can select multiple subjects from teaching, English, math, science or social studies as their area of concentration with this degree.
Classes start several times per year, so if you’ve thought about earning your master’s of arts in teaching, the online program at USC is definitely worth checking out.
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