Easy Ways to Find Cheap Textbooks

It’s no secret that college can be a financial strain for many seeking a higher education. Tuition costs continually increase year over year, and with that, the costs of textbooks do as well. Here are a few suggestions for reducing college expenses, while still having all of the required textbooks necessary to succeed.

  • Share with Friends. Split your book bill in half by sharing the books with a friend or classmate. Odds are you’d end up studying together anyway, so it’s probably not necessary for both of you to haul around identical books.
  • Purchase Books Online. Online retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Ebay have well-stocked textbook stores with prices marked far less than the campus bookstore.
  • Start Renting. If you want to save money and have no interest in holding on to your textbooks, then consider renting. There are several online retailers who rent textbooks and make the process seamless, like Chegg, Skoobit or

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