Ed Helms' Education Background

Ed Helms is an American comedian and actor who is best known for his acting in The Office and The Hangover, and for being a correspondent for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. His next film to hit the big screen will be The Hangover Part II, which premieres in the USA on May 26, 2011. In this movie, Ed will resume his role asDr. Stu Price, alongside Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, and Ken Jeong. EDUinReview will now take a look at the education background of this talented actor.
Ed was born on January 24, 1974, in Atlanta, Georgia. He graduated from The Westminster Schools in 1992. He then attended and graduated from Oberlin College. Originally, Ed wanted to study geology in college, but he changed to film history and technology in 1996.

After college, Ed began pursuing his acting and comedy career in earnest. He was a member of several sketch comedy bands, including the Upright Citizens Brigade improvisational troupe. He also worked for Crew Cuts as a trainee film editor. While Ed was working at Crew Cuts, he recorded several voice-over tracks, which eventually landed him a talent agent. However, it wasn’t until he was performing at a New York City comedy club in 2002 that Ed had his first big break. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart was holding an open audition, which Ed tried out for, and he got the part. During his first four years with the show, Ed provided “field reports” to the show and also acted in the This Week in God segment of the show. In July 2006, he joined the cast of The Office alongside Steve Carell. He has been a regular character in the show since then. Later that year, Ed returned to The Daily Show and was promoted to a series regular in February 2007.
Ed’s first film was Blackballed: The Bobby Dukes Story in 2004. He appeared in several other movies between 2004 and the premiere of The Hangover in 2009, including Evan Almighty, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, and Monsters vs. Aliens. However, when The Hangover was released in 2009, Ed got his major break as a film actor when he played dentist, Stu Price. During the filming of this movie, Ed lost eight pounds and said it was the most physically demanding role he has ever had.
The Hangover Part II will be released in the USA on May 26, 2011.