Educational Apps for the iPad, iTouch and iPhone

It seems everyone now has heard of the campaign “There’s an app for that!” and education is certainly no exception.
Even though school is just about done for the year, there is no reason why you can’t start preparing for next year with these educational apps that will surely help you sharpen your knowledge and ace your next exam.
Here is a list of some of the top Apple apps offered for your iTouch, iPod or the newly popular iPad:
The SAT® Vocab Challenge by The Princeton Review aids students as they prepare for their standardized testing. Price $4.99.
Math Cards by DollarApp offers flash cards to improve your math skills. Price: $0.99.
Band by MooCowMusic allows you to create your own music, and it’s one of the most popular apps of all time. Price: $3.99.
The Convert: The Unit Calculator by Tap Tap Tap offers quick and useful conversions for math and science. Price: $1.99.
All The Countries Pro by Evolens Productions Ltd. contains standard information like country flag, current ruler, area, population, capital, largest cities, languages, ethnicity, religion, literacy rate, economy, government structure and more about all the countries of the world. Price: $4.99.
Kaplan MCAT Comprehensive Flashcards by gWhiz prepares you for the MCAT with its biology, organic and general chemistry and physics features. Price: $34.99.
SketchBook Mobile by Autodesk Inc. won Best App in 2009 for its ability to turn your sketches into works of visual art. Price: $2.99.
The Chemical Touch by Christopher Fennell provides chemical information and an easy-to-understand and easy-to-use Periodic Table of Elements. Price: $0.99.
Sign 4 Me – A Signed English Translator by Vcom3D teaches you sign language in 3D. Price: $9.99.
iHomework by Paul Pilone keeps students’ homework organized. Price $1.99.
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