EDUinReview's Guide to Perfect Wedding Etiquette

In honor of the royal wedding coming up this April, I thought I would compile a guide to proper wedding etiquette, so you can get ready for all of the up and coming spring nuptials. As young college students, you may be attending your first wedding without Mom and Dad. You might not be sure what’s proper behavior and what’s not. Don’t fret. Read these tips, and you’ll be the most well-mannered guest the happy couple has ever seen.
RSVP: And do it as soon as possible. The bride and groom need to know how much food to request from the caterer and how many chairs to set out for the ceremony, so they can set their reception hall accordingly. Do them a favor, and let them know with a simple yay or nay.

Attire: All white is a huge no-no. Ivory is OK, and black is even safer. Also, try to stay away from wearing their wedding colors. The wedding party and certain members of the family are honored with the privilege of wearing those colors. If you don’t know the colors, the invitation is usually a good indicator.
Electronics: Turn off your cellphone or, at the very least, put it on silent. Also, don’t take any photos until after the ceremony. Your camera’s flash could throw off the professional photographer’s lighting. The cutting of the cake and the happy couple leaving the church make for perfect Kodak moments.
Gifts: Don’t come to the wedding empty-handed, and use caution when purchasing something that is not on the gift registry. Gift cards are wonderful, but if you don’t have time to stop by the store, nothing is wrong with giving cold, hard cash. The couple will probably need that money to help pay off the wedding.
Drinks: Nothing is wrong with taking advantage of an open bar, but puking your guts out all evening will ruin fun for others. A glass of champagne for the toast and a couple of after-dinner cocktails is plenty. I got married a year ago, and a guest at my wedding was hurling into a large trash can because
he had too much to drink. Not to mention, it was right by our cake table. To this day I still cringe when I look at our cake-cutting photos. Trust me; you don’t want to be a part of a bad wedding memory.
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