Emma Watson Wants to be an Average College Student

College is pretty hectic. With all the late-night study sessions, eight-page papers and accumulative finals, it’s amazing how many of us actually make it to graduation day. With that said, celebs just may have a tougher time in college than the rest of us.
Emma Watson admitted to having a breakdown at Brown University. In a recent interview, the 20-year-old sophomore told Vouge that she just wants to be a normal college student.
She said that she burst out in tears when a fellow classmate asked her for an autograph. She said she wanted her classmates to view her as a normal college student and not as a famous movie star.
“In the end I had a breakdown,” she told Vouge. “Not a hissy fit, more like uncontrollable crying. Everyone looked at me horrified, like, ‘Oh my God! What’s wrong with her?’ I just said, ‘I’m really sorry, but I’m here to study and I just want to be a student. Would it be okay if I don’t sign, because you’ll be seeing me around all the time anyway?'”
The Harry Potter star also admitted to Vouge that she is shocked none of her Brown classmates have posted pictures of her online.
“One morning I was walking down the corridor from the bathroom in just a towel and I thought I must be mad, anyone could take a picture up my towel and put it on Twitter,” Watson said. “But no-one did. Not even when I had my birthday party – 100 people came and not one put a picture on Facebook.”
Tell us what you think. Do celebs have a tougher time in college than the rest of us?
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