Employers Expected to Hire Fewer College Graduates This Fall

Even more bad news for the college class of 2010: Western employers are planning to handle 36.8 percent fewer college graduates next year than this year. In the Southeast, employers are planning to cut back by 9.9 percent, and by 3.2 percent in the Midwest.
There is a little silver lining to these sad figures: In the Northeast, employers plan on hiring 5.6 percent more college graduates than they did last year. Nationwide, 43 percent of employers are planning on maintaining their 2009 hiring levels.
“Traditionally, employers tend to be conservative about their college hiring when the economy is in flux,” said Marilyn Mackes, executive director of The National Association of Colleges and Employers.
However, the economy is expected to pick back up in the spring, so hopefully employers will be hiring more graduates then. To make themselves more appealing to future employers, students should try to make themselves stand out from the crowd.
Those with these recession-proof majors might fare better than others.
Via The Denver Business Journal