Engrade Offers Free Educational Services

Not to be outdone by LearnBoost’s newly integrated “freemium” service, Engrade, the free online classroom management system, is now offering a Wiki feature that will allow teachers to share lesson plans and collaborate on projects. Engrade announced the new application yesterday, in addition to new email organization options and faster interface speeds.
Engrade’s free web-based tools offer educators an integrated system that includes a messaging service, attendance book, grading books, document organization system for lesson planning, homework calendars, and the ability to created grade reports. The system can be adapted to any grade level, and is used by teachers of elementary school, high school and college professors.
“With budget cuts to public schools nationwide and larger class sizes across the board, teachers need to communicate with students and parents in a new way,” said Bri Holt, founder of Engrade, in the press release. “Engrade offers teachers the ability to teach in the classroom, while managing activities like homework, progress reports and attendance online from any computer with an internet connection.”
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