Enterprise Middle School in Compton, California Featured on NBC’s School Pride

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Enterprise Middle School in Compton, California will be the first school featured on NBC’s School Pride, a new reality show that travels the country renovating schools in need of repair and restoration. The work on Enterprise occurred from March 31 to April 12, 2010.
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Grades: 6, 7, 8
School District: Compton Unified District School District
School Type: Pubic Middle School
Mascot: Eagles

  • Transformed from a college to a high school to its current status as a middle school
  • 8th grade students Angel and James submitted the “audition” tape for Enterprise
  • Tour of school in audition shows
  • Unsanitary bathrooms without toilet tissue, doors and paper towels
  • Dangerous track field with gopher holes where student broke a leg; basketball court has 4″-deep cracks
  • Spray-paint tagging on school walls
  • Water fountains do not work
  • Mice and roaches roam the school grounds and building
  • No science lab
  • Teachers pay for supplies out of own pockets

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