Essay Writing Wizard iPhone App is a Must-Have for Students

iTunes has released a new app for iPhones and iPod Touches: the Essay Writing Wizard. The EWW helps students write essays faster and easier, anywhere they can take their iPhone or iPod.
EWW was created by The Niles Technology Group with the goal of transforming iPhone or iPod from just an organizational tool to one that allows students to create and develop new ideas.
The Essay Writing Wizard offers many different editions, including editions designed specifically for college students, community college students, and field-specific programs. The following is a list of the most commonly used application editions that are available:
1. The Basics– Argumentative, Descriptive, Expository, and Narrative essays are explained in this edition.
2. The Essentials– Basically everything you’ll ever need to know concerning how to write an essay. This is the app you should buy if you want the most bang for your buck.
3. Analysis Essays– Teaches how to write critical and argumentative essays
4. College Admissions– If you are applying for colleges, this is the app for you! You’ll learn application essays, scholarships essays, and more!
5. Community College– This one is designed to help students who are busy with school, jobs, and other life responsibilities formulate and write their essays more quickly.
6. Creative Writing Value Pac– This app is for short story writers. It has brainstorming tools, creative writing tools, and different essay stylistic tools.
7. Critical Writing– This edition teaches how to find the strengths, weaknesses, and dissonance in a source.
8. High School Special– Teaches when to use which essay style. It also teaches the most commonly used essays for college students, which prepares students for writing after high school.
Each edition gives in-depth descriptions of the different types of essays that are typically used in that field and pointers on how to write each essay effectively. Essay Writing Wizard offers writing tips and suggestions, revision guidelines, and tips on how to organize an essay in the most effective way.
Essay Writing Wizard allows students to write their essays on their iPhone or iPod and then apply the lessons they have learned to their essays through EWW.
Essay Writing Wizard is a great application for anyone who needs to write an essay. It is portable and allows students to jot down notes, ideas, and sources whenever it is most convenient for them. Students can email their essay from the iPhone or iPod to their professor or peers for revision and input. They can also keep any notes they might need on the program as well.
Essay Writing Wizard is the leader on the frontier of essay writing. It allows students to learn the basics behind essay writing, and then to write their essays on their iPhone or iPod, making it convenient to get their thoughts down on “paper.” (Well, touch screen, but it’s the same idea.) It is a must-have for anyone who is in love with their iPod or iPhone and wants to take their learning options on these tools to the next level.
Try Essay Writing Wizard for yourself.