Evernote - The iPhone App Students Can't Live Without

Evernote is a software application I invented in my mind long before it arrived, but unfortunately didn’t quite have the means to create. Some tech people beat me to it, as usual.
How often do you find yourself wishing you had written down a website you looked at, or an item you saw that you wanted to purchase? Anything found digitally that you wish to remember is as easy as popping it right into your Evernote account. The information is indexed, and available for searching whenever you need it.
Evernote users can capture cell phone snapshots, printed and handwritten text within photos, web clips, and digital ink. All data added to Evernote runs through a series of recognizers that makes the text searchable – meaning you can write a note to yourself on a Post-it, photograph it with your iPhone, send it to your Evernote account, and find that information long after the Post-it note has been discarded/lost/disintegrated. Additionally, users may create folders, categories and notebooks. It is a note-taking and organizing tool, and each “note” can have information tied to it such as the name, date updated and created, tags for easy searching later. Essentially, Evernote allows you to “remember everything,” and keeps it all in one place.
This application has unlimited potential, and it will be interesting to see how it is developed and improved upon in later versions. Our take? Thumbs up.
Try Evernote yourself.