Examville Launches Online Educational Marketplace

Today the online learning resource Examville announced the launch of its new educational market place, which aims to connect students and teachers virtually. The new marketplace creates a virtual learning space that’s widely accessible and affordable, where students can find one-on-one tutoring, study guides and review materials. They can also submit questions to be answered by specialists and take online classes.
“Examville is committed to creating an all-encompassing, participative online learning platform that will benefit everyone – from students and teachers to publishers and corporations,” stated Nilanjan Sen, founder and CEO of Examville in a press release. “We’re excited to launch these new capabilities and to help users connect with the resources that will help them achieve their educational goals.”
Students can sign up for the free service to access videos, search for tutors, ask questions, access free study guides, and take one practice exam, like the GMAT, GRE or SAT. Teachers and tutors can sign up to sell teaching materials, or get paid for tutoring and teaching online courses. Users can chose to subscribe to the paid service, to take unlimited standardized tests, and be guaranteed expert responses to all submitted questions. All online classes are offered on a pay-per-class basis, but those who subscribe to the 90-day offer receive a 5 percent discount.
Have you used Examville? What did you think?
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