Exercise to Avoid the Common Cold

Don’t want to get sick during exams? Try hitting your school’s gym. A new research study suggests that you can ward off the common cold by exercising regularly. Researchers at Appalachian State University in North Carolina collated data from 1,002 people and tracked the number of upper respiratory infections they contracted during the winter of 2008. The participants rated their physical fitness and reported how often they exercised.
People who exercised five or more times per week were found to be 46 percent less likely than people who were more sedentary to get a cold. Additionally, those who exercised more were found to suffer from less severe symptoms for fewer days.
“The physically active always brag that they’re sick less than sedentary people,” lead researcher David C. Nieman told USA Today. “this boast of active people that they are sick less often is really true.” Nieman believes that exercise boosts immunity by making infection-fighting cells more active. “Exercise gets these cells circulating around the body; they engage the enemy and deal with them,” he said.
As workloads increase, it’s easy for students to spend all day sitting in class and in the library. Take a study break and do something active, you’ll be doing something good for both your mind and body.
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