Expelled College Students That Made it Big

Don’t feel bad for the expelled college students on this list. Sure, they may not have a degree, but that didn’t stop them from having successful careers.
Harrison Ford: It wasn’t until three days before graduation that this Hollywood hunk got expelled from Ripon College in Wisconsin. He failed philosophy his senior year, got into acting, and the rest is history. The Indiana Jones star’s films now gross $6 billion worldwide.
Ted Kennedy: It seems his scandals go all the way back to his college days. He was forced to leave Harvard University after he paid a fellow classmate to help him cheat. As the youngest Kennedy, he died in 2009, and was one of the longest-serving senators in United States’ history.
Samuel L. Jackson: He was expelled from Morehouse College in Atlanta after he was involved in a black power protest, which locked the board of trustees members in a building for two days. Jackson got his big break in 1991 with the movie Jungle Fever and is now one of the highest grossing actors in Hollywood.

Woody Allen: Poor grades got him kicked out of New York University, but that didn’t slow Allen down. The film genius not only writes the script but stars in it and directs it, too. His most recent movie, Midnight in Paris, has a 84 percent approval rating from
William Randolph Hearst: An apple would have been just fine. However, Hearst was expelled from Harvard University after he gave professors personalized chamber pots that had their names printed inside. Maybe that’s when he found that he had a knack for print, as he went on to start his own publishing empire. Hearst Corporation remains to be one of the largest newspaper and magazine companies in the world.
Via The Huffington Post