'Facebook Parenting: For the Troubled Teen' Creates Quite a Stir on YouTube

A new video is gaining a lot of attention on YouTube. The video, called “Facebook Parenting: For the troubled teen,” features a dad who is quite upset with something his daughter posted to Facebook.
In the video, the father, Tommy, reads a letter that his daughter, Hannah, posted to Facebook a few days ago. In the letter, Hannah rants about all of the chores her parents ask her to do…and by rant, I do mean rant. The video drags along for the first six minutes as Tommy reads the letter and expresses how upset he is about what Hannah wrote.
To be fair to Tommy, Hannah was very disrespectful towards her parents and used language that is not acceptable. Many kids today do feel too entitled and it does not make sense that a child should be paid because she is asked to help her family. I agree with almost everything Tommy says up until about the seventh-minute of the film. However, this is when things get a little too crazy for me.
At this time, Tommy gets out of his chair, shows us Hannah’s laptop, and proceeds to put nine bullets in the laptop from his shotgun. This seems like a bit of an over-reaction to me. If Tommy wanted to take her computer away from her and sell it, I’d be perfectly okay with that. However, he is acting immaturely and his actions are not any better than what Hannah wrote on Facebook. Instead, I think Tommy should have reacted in a more mature way by setting Hannah down, telling her what she did was hurtful and disrespectful, and then punishing her by taking away her computer and grounding her. By destroying her computer, he is reacting in a childish way that is just going to perpetuate the battle that is going on between them.
Of course, there are those who understand where Tommy is coming from and think he did the right thing. Some are comparing him to Chuck Norris, while others are calling him a “super-dad” for showing his kid some “tough love.”

“I thought this was perfect, besides his cussing, which gives him less credibility to call his daughter out,” said Ashley Roy, a senior at the University of Oklahoma. “This man, as a respectable human being and not just a father, shouldn’t tolerate his own flesh and blood cussing him out. Isn’t it a parent’s duty to train a child about morals and what’s acceptable? Besides the fact that if anyone said something that rude to anybody in any circumstance, it’s unlikely it would be tolerated.”
YouTube viewers are reacting to this video and the troops are lining up on both sides of the battle. Here are some of the most recent reactions.
“As a teen myself, I would never disrespect my parents the way she did her father,” wrote godzfighter. “He was completely right in doing what he did, she publicly humiliated him and he did the same to her. Shooting it was just a way of venting his anger, which to me seems harmless compared to physical punishment which she needs.”
“This dude is a moron,” wrote joluoto. “He could have wiped the hard drive of that computer and made some good cash selling it. Talk about stupidity.”
“Teenagers are rebellious by nature,” wrote Karinablacktie. “Yes she was acting like a spoiled brat. Teenagers have been known to do that. it doesn’t mean you let them get away with it, but this public humiliation is not going to change her. There is no doubt in my mind that she will just resent him more and lash out more. …The bottom line is just because she’s acting like a child doesn’t mean he can act like a child.”
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