Facebook Profiles Hindering College Application Acceptance

It’s been a few years since Facebook opened its doors to high school students, moving away from just college students. And as Facebook has become more popular over the years (99 percent of college freshman have a profile), it has also become a place where some colleges turn to learn more about their applicants.
Recently, our college advisers have mentioned that some colleges have supposedly been getting onto applicants’ Facebooks and looking through their information, such as friends pictures, and your general information. Upon some of my friends hearing this, they become a little apprehensive of what was on their Facebook pages and began to “clean up” their profiles.
Although this may not seem like a fair thing to do to applicants, it may be a smart thing for colleges because some of the better colleges will want someone who isn’t a huge party goer. Or at least someone who doesn’t flaunt pictures of themselves at parties online. So I guess what I’m trying to say is be sure everything on Facebook is appropriate because you are never sure who will be looking at your Facebook. Or if you don’t think there is anything inappropriate, then don’t sweat it. Even if you have a little fear, it might be a good idea to look over everything on there just to be safe. It wouldn’t be very cool if you didn’t get into a college because they looked at your Facebook and they weren’t happy with what they saw.
So the next time you go to a party or decide to wear a not so appropriate costume, think twice before putting those pictures on facebook because you never know who might be looking at them!