Failing Army Tests Point to Education Shortfalls

The nation’s education crisis is constantly being placed under a microscope. All states are dealing with students failing classes, escalating dropout rates and schools having below average standardized test scores. Each time there is an analysis of the public school system, there are proposed solutions and changes that are recommended. Now the education problem is reaching into branches of the military.
It has been found recently that 23 percent of those wanting to enter the army are unable to pass the entrance test. The questions to the test are basic and the army is known for having the easiest test of all branches of military. This comes after the No Child Left Behind Act has been in place for years. Those taking the tests are high school graduates and still cannot seem to pass the test. Of all the other statistics placed on the education system in the United States, this should serve as a call to action.

Even recruits who have made it into the army realize that the education system is weak. One recent graduate even mentioned that students aren’t learning enough in school to make them effective once they graduate. Unfortunately, if this trend continues down the current path, the army may not be able to fill its quota for new recruits when the economy starts to bounce back. The alternative if that happens, means making the test even easier or reducing the strength of the results to let more people in.
Overall, the education system is failing students and those effects are being seen throughout many other areas of life. There are surely several factors that need to be changed to repair the problem, but something must be done. Several jobs require tests to be taken prior to being hired. If high school graduates cannot answer the type of questions that are on the army test, other employment tests will eventually see similar results.
Via Barnesville