Fake College Degrees

Today’s current economy and competitive job market has led some job seekers to desperate measures. Those trying to stand out for a certain position might feel that they can have an edge if they produce a degree from a more renowned school than the one they attended. Whatever the motivation, these scenarios may help explain the rapid rise in the sales of fake college degrees.
There are companies out there that actually sell people fake college degrees, fake high school diplomas, fake transcripts and fake certificates. Several of the web sites engaged in these sales state that the items they sell are strictly for novelty purposes, yet they take extra care to make sure the documents look as authentic as possible.
Most websites that offer fake college degrees and transcripts will send you a proof before your purchase is complete; to make sure the documents meet your approval. Options are available for rush shipping on most sites so that you can get your documents in a hurry.
There are other reasons that some people would imagine buying a fake degree.
Some of the most popular reasons include:

  • A motivation to get the real thing
  • A joke
  • To gain recognition and status
  • To gain respect
  • A replacement for a lost degree

Many of the reasons that are listed in some way involve using the fake degree in a way other than as a novelty. For those that do complete coursework and earn their college degree, someone gaining a position based on a fake one can be really frustrating.
In the wrong hands, a fake degree can cause serious problems. Imagine a doctor, lawyer or counselor practicing on the basis of a fake degree. Because of the ease to get these and the demand being so high, fake degree companies are rapidly growing. Unfortunately there seems to be no decline in these types of businesses anytime soon because they are so popular and profitable.
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