Fall Fashion Preview for College

Nicole Brewer is a fashion stylist based in New York, and also a former contestant of NBC’s Biggest Loser. Visit Nicole
Effortless style always scores high with back to school fashion. Think graphic tees, plaid shirts, sexy jeans, mini dresses & skirts, leggings and easy cardigans. This fall calls for bold and muted colors alike. Choose shades of grey as your new neutral, and pair it with like colors or pops of bright, bold Colors like cobalt blue, majestic purple, emerald green and ruby red. Comfort rules! But skip the sloppy look and focus more on clean lines for a look that’s casual & chic.
Defining your own style is easy because you make the rules. Go for what’s comfortable and looks good on your body – and borrow the rest! For cool style ideas, raid your brother’s wardrobe for worn out jeans, oversized v-neck sweaters and plaid shirts. Scour grandma’s wardrobe, too. Look for lace, faded florals and old-fashioned sweaters. Then layer up with your own personal touches for flattering dorm fashion that works for you!

Rule to Remember: Be careful not to look too coiffed or too un-done… and you’ll be sure to stand out in a crowd.

We love them because they never go out of style, especially now that they come in every imaginable shape and size to fit everyone. From bootcut to skinny fit, relaxed fit and low-rise, expect the unexpected in your favorite jeans this season. With more stretch and subtle embellishments, you’ll have more to choose from than ever. Go for distressed treatments, elaborate frays and holes or trouser style, wide-leg pants. Whatever styles suit your mood, try layering your look with a trendy soft blazer and graphic tee or lacey tank top. The sky’s the limit with what you can do- just make it complete with suede lace-up booties or funky sneaks.
Now jeans come so skin tight, they call them Jeggings-Jean Leggings!

I am a firm believer that they are not and should not be worn as pants!!!! However, leggings have become a fashion staple from season to season. They’re comfortable and easy to wear, especially with a bold, colorful mini dress or belted tunic. So, get comfy in a boyfriend sweater or over-sized plaid shirt or simply anything cute- that covers the bum!

Plaid shirts
Wear them shrunken, oversized, fitted or tied around your waist.

Go Mini

Grey, the new neutral, and Faded Florals

Graphic Tees
Easily pick these up new at department stores, dig through your dad’s closet, or hit the campus thrift store.

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