Fighting the Freshman 15 on The Today Show [VIDEO]

On this morning’s edition of the Today Show, Ann Curry spoke with psychologist Gail Saltz and nutritionist Joy Bauer about how students heading off to college can avoid gaining the infamous freshman 15.
They discuss both the emotional issues and practical issues of maintaining a healthy weight at college. Emotional issues include the stress of moving out of their parents’ homes for the first time. “Eating is a very natural way that people contort themselves,” says Saltz. Finding ways to cope with homesickness other than eating is important.
The practical issues may be a little easier to address. “If you can make water your beverage of choice, instead of sodas and sweetened teas, instead of coffee and even fruit juice you can save thousands of calories,” says Bauer. “Because the liquids don’t fill you up.”
Saltz also points out that alcohol has “tons of calories,” but also makes you feel uninhibited and can lead to bad food choices and bingeing on junk foods. They also suggest that care packages from parents should include healthy snacks, rather than things like cookies. They suggest things like healthy popcorn, interesting teas, and low-fat soups. Keeping junk food out of the dorm room is a key point for both parents and students to remember.
Finally, they remind students to take advantage of school sport facilities, or even take a nutrition class for credit.

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