Finding Time to Study

There really is not enough time in the day. We are supposed to sleep eight hours, attend classes, eat meals, maybe go to the gym, study and for some students, work a part-time job. The list seems endless.
Some days I wake up at six o’clock in the morning, go to classes and my job, and don’t get home until eleven at night. On these crazy days, I have no time to sit down with my textbooks and notes to study. What is a college gal with a hectic schedule to do about finding time to study?
She just has to get creative.

I have been a college student for three years, and in this time, I have learned that one does not need a desk, rolling-chair, notebook, and pencil to study. (However, I do have a personal preference for pink highlighters.)
In fact, all you really need are a few notes and your brain. Here are some tips for cramming in a study session. whenever you can.
1. On your commute. Whether you ride a bus, subway or car to school, any vehicle in which you don’t have to be the driver is a great way to sneak in extra study time. Plus, it can make a long commute feel like a quick trip around the block.
2. Standing in line. Lines can be frustrating and annoying. But if you occupy yourself by reading books or memorizing facts, the time spent in line will fly by, even if it does take ten minutes to get your white chocolate mocha with an extra shot of espresso.
3. Before class. Do you have a professor who is always five minutes late to class? Instead of spending those precious minutes gossiping about your favorite TV show, you could review the lessons from your last class period while the information is still fresh.
4. In front of the TV. Every hour-long TV show has about 15 minutes of commercials. During commercials, mute your TV and have a mini study session. I’d only use this for reviewing material you are pretty comfortable with already, because it might be difficult to absorb new information while watching your favorite television show.
5. At the gym. If you mindlessly watch the minutes on the treadmill tick away, place your textbook right across the display panel of your favorite fitness equipment. Not only will you get in a workout but you’ll also get in a solid study session. In fact, some studies show that when physical and mental activities are paired together, the circuitry in the brain improves.
Sure, we really do have hectic lives as students. But there is quite a lot of hidden time that we can use for studying; we just haven’t realized it yet. So next time you have some spare time in between appointments, whip out some study materials and get your learn on!