First-Ever Horror Scholarship Offered by Star Costumes

People tend to have a strong opinion about movies of the horror genre; they either love them or hate them. Those that love horror movies typically enjoy their climatic moments, scary music, gory death scenes and great special effects. For those that love scary movies and happen to be entering or are currently in college, Star Costumes is offering the first-ever horror scholarship.
This scholarship is for $1,000 and is available to those students that are studying to work in the horror film industry. This is the prime example of being able to do something you love and having it pay off. For those that love horror films, working in the horror film industry seems like the dream job.
Star Costumes has been a leader in selling costumes, makeup, masks and all things scary since 1970. The company decided to offer this scholarship to help fuel the love of horror films and keep the enthusiasm for horror movies going. Because there has been no previous scholarships of this kind available, Star Costumes decided to create one. To qualify, students must be 18 years of age and have a 3.0 GPA or higher. Students must also be enrolled full-time at an accredited school, whether it is in undergraduate or graduate studies.
There are a lot of different career fields that would be acceptable for those interested in applying for this scholarship. Those can include becoming a makeup artist, VFX/CGI artist, special effects artist, set designer, costume designer, post production specialist, screenwriter, film critic, cinematographer and director.
When paying for college, every little bit helps. The deadline for applying for this scholarship is Halloween, October 31. You can simply fill out the application and include an essay, which will be judged on creativity and passion for horror cinema. Your essay should be between 300 and 400 words. The two essay topics you can choose from include what sparked your interest in the horror industry and list your goals and accomplishments as they relate to horror cinema and related fields.
For those that desire to work in the horror film field, applying for this scholarship is a quick and easy process. You have nothing to lose and the possibility of $1,000 to gain.